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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide food and drink for the party?

Unfortunately no we don’t. Fairy Emmalina takes care of all the fun fairy magic entertainment. In fact, we would kindly ask that you don’t serve food and drink during the activities. We would suggest that you either offer cake and party food either before or after the activities. Younger children may wish to take a short break half way through for a quick drink.

What about allergies?

We work with good quality products, including environmentally friendly biodegradable non-toxic face/body glitter. Applied with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) And any paints used during the painting sessions are child friendly water based paints. So you needn’t worry about paint staining on fabrics or clothing. However, please advise us before the party if any participants do have allergies of any sort, including very sensitive skin. For those with allergies the glitter used for the arts and crafts activities may not be suitable. We provide protective wear such as aprons and gloves for everyone to make extra sure. List of ingredients and items used for activities : Biodegradable face glitter, petroleum jelly, adhesive face jewels, craft glitter, PVA glue, dried rose petals, glass potion bottles with wooden cork, cotton wool, adhesive foam stars, water based paints, paper straws, ribbon, wooden unicorns, wooden mirrors, craft tape, contact lense solution, bicarbonate of soda, plastic spoons and bowls, latex free gloves, plastic aprons.

Can adults take part? What if I need to cancel the party?

1: Absolutely! In fact, free spirited fairy fun parties encourage adults to do so! Enjoy being in touch with your inner creative and sharing the experience with your child. 2: **Please see Fairy Emmalina's Cancellation Policy on the Prices and Conditions Section of the website**

Are these parties suitable for girls and boys?

Yes, they most definitely are. Many of Fairy Emmalina's activities in the packages are suitsble for both boys and girls. Certain activities can be adapted and tailored to suit your theme if it were solely a wizard party.