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Liability Waiver and Release Form

Liability Waiver and Release Form

Notice: Please read this entire disclaimer carefully before signing. By signing this waiver, you give up certain legal rights.

This agreement releases Fairy Emmalina from all liabilities relating to injuries, products liability or other loss or damage to person or property suffered by me or the minor participant, arising in whole or part from my (or the minor participant’s) participation in any of Fairy Emmalina activities that may occur at the host participants home or booked venue.

By signing this agreement, I agree to hold Fairy Emmalina entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for damages or injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence. I, an adult participant , or parent or legal guardian of a minor (individual less than 18 years old) participant , will be responsible for informing the minor of the potential risks that may occur. This includes informing Fairy Emmalina of anyparticipants with allergies of any sort prior to the booking date.

Activities: Activities offered by Fairy Emmalina include arts and crafts projects with instruction. Participation in these activities may include the use of scissors, glue, hazardous liquids, biodegradable face/body glitter, craft glitter, sharp tools and objects, small tools and objects, paint, markers, painting tools, dried flowers, glass jars and various other items not named here. Activities may occur on property not owned or controlled by Fairy Emmalina.

Risks: These risks include but are not limited to: skin irritation, eye injuries, choking, allergies, cuts, scrapes, equipment malfunctions or failure, falling down, tripping.